Çukurova Makina team has realised a customer visit  with our Tunisia dealer  team GAM (GENERALE DES APPLICATIONS MECANIQUES) between 10-15 April 2017  in Tunusia and also made a short service training to new members of GAM's after sales service team.

During our regular customer visits carried out over many years, positive or negative feedbacks receiving from our customers have always made us and our machines quality to be improved.
Seeing that our valued Tunisian customers are choosing again and again Cukurova brands and using a lot of Cukurova machines in their worksite is while being a source of happiness for us and at the same time It makes us to feel like we walk confidently on a right way .
In order to realize a quick, accurate and professional After Sales Services and to increase customer satisfaction by multiplying each passing day, our dealer trainings will be continued at full speed.

We, as Cukurova Makina  would like to present our thanks to our esteemed partner GAM and their team for their effort and hospitality during our visit.